A Perfect Placement





Whether it is choosing a wall color, a window treatment or furnishing a whole home, trying to decide on a color, texture and design can be daunting. 

A Perfect Placement can work with you in creating an environment that reflects your style. We concentrate on your dilemma and identify the options that will work for you.



A home that is brought to the market in the best possible presentation is a home that will sell quickly and for the desired price. By accentuating the architectural features, creating balanced and harmonious rooms, crafting an appealing entrance and making repairs, we entice the potential buyer to envision the home as theirs thus increasing the likelihood of an offer.




Joanne will conduct fun and fast paced  seminars that are throughly insightful. If you would like Joanne to speak at your event about color, accessorizing, home staging, holiday decorating or how to be a great hostess, please contact her at 518-421-9979.


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